Friday, 27 July 2012

The worst day for being a cat

One day I was eating my breakfast when I saw a little fluff ball. This is my story...

Hey what's that over there? Is it a fluff ball?  There, it's a one eyed thing. The thing is doing the moonwalk to the blasting music. 

Don’t disturb me! I’m eating my food. Don’t run away. I want to play with you! 
He runs around and around the spotty mat and disappears in one of the dots. I can’t find him he is gone. Pop! He pops out of one of the dots, he is really fast. I can barely see him. Meow don’t change the song they are cool songs. He’s changing the music on the stereo. Come back here now otherwise I will stop playing and go sit on my bed and be lazy. Ahh!! I fell off a chair and landed on the floor. Then I went and jumped off the couch and hurt my leg. 

Then the girl came and picked me up. That was when she started talking to me like I was a baby. That was the worst day of my life.

This is my worst day of my life writing I got my inspiration from The great inspiration shed


  1. Awesome writing Rhys!
    I like the bit when the girl comes and picks you up and starts talking to you like you were a baby and it was the worst day of your life. My favourite sentence was the thing doing the moonwalk to the blasting!

    From Casey:)

  2. Wow great story it awesome and fun to read from Jacob :p.

  3. I agree with Casey and Jacob. This is a great story, Rhys!