Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stuck in a Digi World

A long long time ago in a digi world there was a guy. His name was Steve. He was building his house when some zombies, creepers and slime started chasing him. SMACK! He hits one on the head. The sun starts coming up and the zombies, creepers and slime start to run away.
“Rhys, Seth, Josh, Stefan, get your swords and come help fight the  zombies, creepers and slime. They are chasing me. Help me. Fight them off!” said Steve. SMACK! BANG! CRASH! All of the zombies and other things die and catch on fire. “Now I can finish our house,” said Steve.

Rhys, Seth, Josh, Stefan run off to find some gold and diamonds to make some pickaxes and axes for getting iron and cobble stone to build their sheds for weapons. “Look over here! It’s gold! We're rich, we're rich!” exclaimed Stefan.

Oh,  my name’s Steve. Sorry not to introduce myself earlier on. I have some dumb mates called Rhys, Seth, Josh and Stefan. They are my slaves for the rest of their lives.  This is how it all started. Well, one day I started a challenge. Then they came along and challenged me and lost. Then they became my slaves. That day on I punished them and said go get me some gold and make me rich.  That was how it all started.

This is my Stuck in a Digi world writing. It is based on Minecraft. Minecraft is a game on the Xbox and computer. It is a game where you can build houses and other things like pools and big book or TV characters if you wanted.

These pictures are from Samuel. Here is his blog link


  1. Awesome writing Rhys.
    I love that you did ' Stuck In A Digi World '
    it goes great with our classroom.
    Also the pictures are great.
    I like that you explained where it is based and what it is about.
    What was your favourite part about writing an imagination story?

    1. Thanks Felicity.

    2. Your Welcome:)

  2. Cool minecraft photos Rhys!
    And its awesome that you included your friends!!!
    Well done Rhys!
    From Brody.

  3. Awesome story Rhys!
    Your story is amazing and I love your Mine Craft pictures. What is your favourite part of the story? Well done!!! :)

  4. Great use of your Minecraft knowledge and imagination to create an entertaining story.

    I really enjoyed reading this, Rhys!

  5. Cool Rhys

    I like the pictures that you used. I thought it was funny how Stefan yelled that you were rich.

    Courtney :)

  6. Thanks Rhys for putting the link of my Blog in :),
    well what I meant to say is good work Rhys!!

  7. Wow Rhys.
    I love your story it is great.
    What made you write this story?

  8. Awesome Rhys.
    The whole piece of writing and the pictures are great.
    Good job.

  9. WOW! That's awesome Rhys. Are you going to put another story about a game that you like?

  10. Fanstastico Rhys that's a great story for a digi class Well done