Friday, 7 June 2013

Camp Reflection

Camp Kaitawa

My favorite time at camp was going rock climbing beside Lake Kiriopukae. Right next to the lake was a natural rock that had plants and it was something that we could climb up. We went to the lake because is was right next to Michael Noonan's grave. Michael Noonan was a armed constabulary dispatcher from Onepoto to Wairoa.

Rock climbing was started in the 1880’s and was invented in Wales, Britain.
Rock climbing is when you climb up a natural rock face and reach the top or the summit of it. The record height of rock climbing in 24 hours is 29,130ft  it is 1370ft. The fastest time in speed climbing is someone climbed up a 15 meter wall in 6.26 seconds. When you are rock climbing you only use hands, feet and gear like rope and harnesses. In the sport the most common injury is when you get sore fingers from the rock and climbing a far distance.

What, When, Who, Where and Why
I choose climbing up the rock because it was really fun and enjoyable.
On Monday the 27th of May Rm 17 went  to Camp Kaitawa. When we got there Miss Hill and Mrs Roil took us to see Michael Noonan. He is buried next to Lake Kiriopukae
Next to the lake is a big giant rock and that is what we climbed up.

Next time
I would like to try climb up the other side of the Giant rock

When we went to Lake Kiriopukae it was all dried up and was in two big ponds and had a little creek going around to the other half.

This is my Reflection about camp. We had to choose a favorite part of camp and I choose going to lake kiriopukae


  1. Camp was awesome eh Rhys.
    My favorite part was the amazing race.
    I like how you added in all the different subtitles.
    Hope you had a great time:)
    Your friend Crighton.

  2. Awesome Rhys that look,s like heaps of fun i wish i was there.And great research about rock climbing there's alot of things i did not know. and also it great to see lots of writing.
    Catch up with you soon
    from Regan.

  3. Hey rhys,
    hope you liked Kaitawa, well, I thought it was.
    did you go caving and walking up the pie line and stuff like that?
    I don't remember going on that big rock I think thy might have added that in on the camp
    Your friend,

    1. Hey Tyrin
      I didn't go caving or the pipeline walk because I went home a day early because I went racing on Friday.