Monday, 24 June 2013

The Windmill Farmer

The Windmill Farmer

I'm a lonely old windmill farmer and it is planting season again. Every autumn it is planting time. I like my farm to bits and take very good care of it. Farming windmills is my hobby and I go out and give them water I like farming because i don’t have to do much and they just need water. When it is planting time I get really excited and make sure my all of my tools are in good nick. If my tools aren't going to last planting season I would go to the shops and get new ones.

The next day I grab my hoe and start to plant. When the Windmills start to grow  I check them every day. Every night I watch the weather forecast. If a storm is coming I make sure the windmills will hold up. If they won’t I have to make them stronger.

Last season it all went wrong and I was devastated because all of windmills got blown down all because of a big storm. At the break of dawn I get up and get ready for another day of work. Every day I work hard and leave my house and go into the country air. At the end of every day I go inside make me a cup of tea. I walk to my seat and watch the sun go down. By the time the sun goes down it is watering time. Every 2 to 3 hours I water them. One of the downsides of being a farmer is having to dig them up and wait for next autumn.

It has just been past Autumn and I am going through a hard and cold winter. The windmills had gone now and I am all lonely again the windmills are like family to me and I talk to them every day. I hate the winter because it kills my windmills and makes me lonely again. I am halfway through winter and All of my water pipes are frozen up. There used to be grass but now its just snow, snow and more snow. Layers of snow stop me from even leaving my house.

At the end of winter the snow starts to clear up and leave my house. I brush off the last little bit of snow and look in front of me. I see nothing but windmills
“oh wait windmills yes yes yes my windmills are back they must of replanted themselves when they got killed by the cold and freezing Winter. I was so happy  and excited. I was Jumping with glee.

I have gotten a link from the literacy shed.

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  1. Well done Rhys I liked the part were you said at the end ( I was Jumping with glee.) Great JOb