Friday, 23 November 2012

The Five Powerful Captains

Once there was five  adventures their names were Rhys, Daniel Stefan, Seth, Jacob.  They went on so many adventurers that they made up nicknames for themselves. Rhys made up Captain America and he could see far, far away, Daniel Captain Underpants, Stefan was Captain Ukba, Seth was Captain Jack Sparrow and Jacob was Captain Chubaka. They all had super powers Rhys was unable to be killed, Daniel could fly and Stefan was bomb proof and bullet proof , Seth was Captain Jack Sparrow able to summon lightning, Jacob was Captain Chubaka and he was able to make people really hairy.

Then one day when they went on an adventure they were challenged for their ship but they said “NO JUST GO AWAY!” said Captain Jack Sparrow
“What island are we going to now” Said Captain America
“Maybe Candy Island” Said Captain Underpants
“But Candy Island is not real” said Captain Ukba
“Yes it is But Candy Island hasn’t been found  in 200 years” Said Captain Chubaka
“Oh come on mate lets just try it might be easy to find but it might take all of our lives and it might take a few months or even a few years but its worth it” Said Captain America
So they went on there journey to find candy island Then
“Hey what is that it looks like an island lets check it out. It looks like Candy Island.  FULL STEAM AHEAD!!” said Captain America
But when They got there it had a big sign saying If you are going to candy island go that way So they Went that way. But What they didn’t know was that it wasn't Candy island that they had found it was Death Island.
“Hey what about if we just sleep here for the night and have a try in the morning sun it would be easier for you to see the island then we would get some candy to eat”said Captain
The Next Day They went to the ship and then Captain America had a look around to see if he could see the Island but it was nowhere to be seen.
“Ok guys lets carry on with the journey so we we can get to where we want to go”
So that day they carried on with the journey

A few days later
“Ok guys lets carry on with the journey so we we can get to where we want to go.”
The same thing happened they went on and on to go and find their destination. Then in the middle of the day they found another island and then when they went closer to the island it looked like there was blue hills and pink shores with lollipops and lollies and hills covered in lollies. And when they got there they had a look at it and there it was Candy Island the island they have been looking for it. It has been years since they have never found an island that had been so nice they would normally been made out of dirt, mud and lots of yucky stuff.

This is a story that I wrote it is about the five of us going on and adventure to Candy Island. Candy island is a island on an TV show called The Adventures Of Flap Jack.


  1. I really like the superpowers that you give your characters, Rhys!

    Do you think there will be a sequel?

  2. Awesome writing Rhys!
    I can't wait for more of your stories Rhys!
    Well done!

  3. Awesome Story Rhys!
    I agree with Mr.M I like there super powers. Well done:)

  4. Excellent work Rhys. I really love these type of stories. The super powers are very cool and you have used your imagination well. I agree with Mr M there should be a sequel. Well done:)

  5. Great work Rhys.
    you have got a good imagination and powers.
    Great Story.

  6. Awesome story Rhys.
    All of your ideas made me want to read more.

  7. Wow Rhys!
    I love the writing!
    Is Jacob captain Chewbacca or Chubaka?
    I agree with the others about a sequel.
    Will there be a sequel?

  8. Wow great story Rhys. It's so cool good job