Tuesday, 19 March 2013


The buzzer goes off I take of to a flying start. I do a lap oh no is that smoke I say to myself. after seeing some smoke I stop I didn’t want to but my car just stopped hopefully its not my motor. I try to keep on going but it will only go slow.
“I think its the battery I think it is flat” I say to a friend
“Me too” he says back to me “just stop its a wast of time just trying to race with a flat battery”
The race carries on and my car is sitting in the middle of the track and in the middle of the carnage. At the end of the race the red light goes on and the race stops. I go to get my car I smell inside it and couldn’t smell smoke so I check the wheels and one of the back wheels had been cut right open. I took it up to my mum and she just said to change the battery and the wheels so I changed the battery but didn't have any wheels to put on.
A few races later I take it back out onto the track I test it and it still goes slow after the race I realise that I need to make the body higher.  After the second to last race I make it higher .  
I go out to the next race and the buzzer goes off and I take off and My car takes off I am in the lead I start catching up to another car. Is he going to hit me but no I hit him he does nothing instead he gets the car behind me.  The rest of the race goes fine and I only get spun around a few time but its okay because I was lapping people. The red light goes on and I stop I go to pick up my car and go up to my mum I have a look at the screen and there is my name at the top of the screen
“I came first Yay!” I say
I take my car back up to my table and tell my Dad he is so proud of me.


  1. You really put the reader right in the action, Rhys! I can really visualise your races and it is exciting to read.

    I bet your Dad was so proud of you. Great ending!

  2. great story rhys because you started in the action

  3. Well done mate great story you really deserve to win you a great racer.like how you got strait into action and yes it did keep me wanting to read they hole story catch up this weekend hopefully you can come first again just don't take me out.
    great story

    from Regan