Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Catch

I throw my line into the water. I wait a few minutes my line gets tugged and I bring it in. Its only a small one and I am very disappointed. I hear the sound of a fox screaming. I go through the bush and see a fox tangled up in rope. I cut the rope off its leg and it backs away. It looked like the fox had frozen. Then out of nowhere the fox jumps onto my chest and knocked me over. The fox runs to my one and only fish. He grabs it and starts running away. I start to chase the fox.

It goes through the thorns. Should I go through or not?  I decided to go through. The fox runs up the hill. We reach the summit and the dog throws the fish away into the fog. The fog evaporates and a big giant lake appears I am surprised but disappointed. The fox has thrown my only fish into the water.

Splash!  A giant fish jumps out of the water. When it got back in the water the fox drags a branch over to me.   I tie some string to it and throw the line into the water. I get a bite and pull it in. It feels bigger than the first one that I caught. I pull it in and its about a meter long. I throw my line back into the water and wait for a little 10 minutes later I get a giant tug I pick my rod up and the fish goes away.
“Damn it” I say to myself

I pull my line in anyway and check the hook. I throw it back out and wait five minutes. I get a tug and pull as hard as I can. A fish come up on shore. I take the hook out and put it on my shoulder. The fox and I start to walk back to the village. We get to the entrance and give the fox the smaller one. I walk into the village. I turned around and the fox was gone. When I got into the village the villagers looked so happy. I was proud and happy. From that day on I went to that lake to fish for my villagers.

This is my writing about a little boy and a fox that has to catch fish for his village and the fox take his fish and takes him to a lake where there is lots of fish.

Here is a link to the web site we got the story from. It is a video called the catch.

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