Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My How am I learning Refection

I am halfway through my awesome year of learning in Room 20. How am I learning?

Some things that are different about this year are having a computer and sharing things to my learning buddy and them sharing something with me too.

Having a computer and Google account has helped me learn new things and help my friends fix up their work if they need help.

I like having a blog because I can share things with the world and the class.

I share my learning by putting my work on my blog and by being confident and doing new things.

I help others by helping them when they want someone to help I help them.

I use ICT to help my learning in reading, writing and maths in a document because I can do lots of things like inserting a graph for maths.

I get feedback for my learning from Mr M  and the class and They give me feedback by when I comment on their blogs then they will comment on my blog This makes me feel happy that they are commenting on my blog

Things I am really proud of achieving in Room 20 is getting to write on a document.

I am learning faster by recording my voice in an reflection it helps me get more confident by saying something like a reflection of what we have done in front of an audience.

The class did some reflections about  How we are learning. They are about our learning


  1. Cool Rhys.
    I love your reflection. What a great video. What is your favourite part? Well done :)

  2. You are learning with real style, Rhys!

    Keep it up and share even more great stuff on your blog!

  3. Cool Rhys!!!
    I like how you put a video too.
    What is the favourite thing that you have done in room 20?
    From Brody.