Tuesday, 7 February 2012


On a hot summer day we are on the way to Taupo. It's raining hard but still really hot. The rain stops.
It gets hotter we have all the windows down. The nice warm breeze blows in we finally stop. I flop out of the car and run to the grass. I can hear the trees swaying.
Everything's silent until cars come and bees come buzzing. There are bugs all around and the noise of cicadas. I'm looking up at the sky and seeing pictures in clouds.   
The grass is itchy and it suddenly gets cloudy. Then my family and I get in the car and go.

It's still sunny in Taupo. We go fast and then we finally get there. We go straight the hotel drop off our bags and go to the lake but before we did that we got some lunch. Mcdonalds yum!!
My family and I got to the lake front with our lunch. I pull my burger. I see waves splashing down to the hot sand. I see some boats going fast I look behind there's a biscut on the back. I finish my lunch. “Can I go for a swim?" 

"No wait 10 minutes.” 
"Ok” There's a tree over there. I race over. It's huge!! I still climb it any way. I climb it for 10 minutes  I can go for a swim.
I climb down smelling the dry and dusty bark. I sprint trying to get hotter.
I get my goggles and snorkel. I run and jump over waves pretending to land like a plane.
Ouch a wave bowls me over then I fall into a ditch and gasp for air and suck in a lot of water.

By Rhys Tamanui

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  1. Hi Rhys...after I read your story I wondered if you were going to race your cars during your holiday? Your excellent choice of words help me to see exactly in my mind what it was like on the lake front at Taupo. Have you been growing any vegetables? I've grown tomatoes, lettuces, leeks, spring onions and cucumbers. We don't have our Room 11 garden going yet.

    Mrs Miller