Thursday, 1 March 2012

Swimming Sports

SPLASH! I dive into the pool racing for first in one length of the school pool in freestyle but instead I’m almost at the finish and I'm in 3rd. I hop out of the pool and was relieved that the race was over. I was hoping I would come 1st  or 2nd but no. I got 3rd. When I was racing I could smell chlorine. When I got out of the pool I was happy and relieved that the race was over
I felt cold and freezing and I could see other people shivering just like me. My legs were as sore as a bikers when he had just finished the tour around France and I could barely walk to where I was sitting. I lick my lips and taste chemicals and fresh water. When I got to my seat I got told that I had to go in the relay for our team because I am one of the fastest in my house colour and after I got told that there was another race that was about to start it was breaststroke and I didn't want to go in it because I'm not that good at it. Then I hear a big loud CLAP!! and say “that must be the new starting sound instead of the whistle”. Then I see Mathew Halford in the lead and say I want to be as good as them.

By Rhys

This is my writing about swimming sports and after all that I made it into the inter school swimming sports.


  1. Great Work Rhys, You did really well at swimming sports.

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