Sunday, 8 April 2012

White Water Rafting


To the first rapids the water splashes into me and Brodie's face then the water goes calm again and we started going slow. “Forward paddle” says the instructor his name was Dion. As the group start gaining speed “STOP.” Then we come into a corner aren't we lucky to go rafting. What's that smell it's probably trees in the forest and the wet moss. 

“We've come to a shallow bit you can put your paddles on the ground if you want,” said the instructor. So the whole group did. Splash!! As my group put their paddles on the river bed, clatter clatter clatter as the paddles scrape on the ground. 

“Go into the water if you want but hold the rope," says Dion. I jump in and still clinging on to the raft. We come to a corner, I'm still in the water. It is right by the cliff. Then I get pulled in, otherwise I would've hit it. Dion told us about the rock he named after him because when the Strikers hit it you had to hold on. Then we come around the corner “FORWARD PADDLE! We're coming to my rock!!” shouted Dion. We strike his rock and Brody goes flying out. “Now that was luck it wasn't me that had fell out.” 
“Brody just hold your feet up!!” yelled  Tyler's Dad Jordan. We get to the point where we can get Brody out, we reach over and pull him in. “Thanks.” said Brody. 
“FORWARD PADDLE!!” yelled Dion. We paddle as fast as we can. SMACK we go fast into a rock. I almost fell out, I felt dizzy. “Here comes carnage corner go as fast as you want!” yelled Dion. We hit it. Carnage corner. I almost fall off there too “That was close,” I say to myself. 

“It’s time we finished, lets float down the river,” said Dion. So we did. WE got to the end. “Come on guys let's pull our raft in and go for a swim” said Dion our instructor. I see the other rafts and the kayak. 
“Lets go get in the bus” yelled one of the instructors. We get in the bus and drive back to camp.

                       THE END
                 By Rhys Tamanui

Back from camp. Had a good time hope you like my writing.


  1. I love your writing, Rhys.

    I can see why you chose E for Enjoyment and P for Personal Best in the labels.

  2. I like your writing it is awesome