Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dad Gets Bitten

Ouch!! I ran out of my room. All I saw was dad lying on  the bed with a bleeding nose. My mum and my cousins are laughing.
So I grabbed the dog off dads chest and smacked it on the nose and said “no bite”. It was being naughty so I growed it. After that I went back in my room and heard dad scream again Arrr! I ran out again and the dog was running away. She had bitten him again! I went to get her and I couldn’t see her anywhere.
Then I heard my cousin screaming out “get the dog it is running down the driveway”. I gapped it down the driveway and just got her just  before she went on the road. Then I whispered in my head “That was close”.

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  1. nice story rhys it was really interesting at the start and it pulled me into reading the end good work