Monday, 9 September 2013

Sailing Story

One day there was this guy. His name was Bostan . Bostan was the best sailor and loved sailing. One day Bostan was sailing and he was sitting on the starboard side. He was on an optimist yacht and wanted to be a sailor racing in the Americas cup.

He had researched all about optimist yachts and is researching about catamarans.
As a kid all of his posters all over the walls was yachts,  yachts and more yachts. Traveling around the world sailing was his dream until the catastrophe.

The catastrophe destroyed his career and nearly his life.  When Bostan was about 20 years old he was in a head on collision.  The car that he crashed into was not a car it was truck. The truck hit him so hard that Bostan flying out of his seat and ripped his seat belt out.  The truck driver range 111 and the out of the distance came an ambulance.

A couple of days later Bostan got out of hospital but he came out of hospital diferent. He came out with a bad memory left in his mind and he was left in a wheelchair.  That’s how his career turned now he just has to watch.

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  1. wow i like that But it really did sound sour.