Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Stockcar Racing


-1.How many years have you been racing stock cars? Crystal
-2.How many stockcars have you owned? Charlotte
-3.Do you name your stockcars?John
-4.Where in the world would you like to race your Stock Car? Daniel
-5.Would you like your stockcar racing to become a career? Georgia

Stockcar racing is a car destroying sport. It has destroyed many cars and Racetracks.  I have been racing cars for a few years.  I have owned more that my dad and have one name for all of my cars.  I have also raced all over the North Island.

Stockcar racing is a hobby I have been doing since I was six.  I had watch my Dad and Uncle create the sport. Now it has turned into a hobby for our family.  We have stockcars, street stocks and saloons.  Ever since I was six I have had more cars and more broken parts than my dad and brother. Over all I have had five stockcars and one of the I am racing now and the other four have totaled and aren’t strong enough to race.  I have had two streetstocks and three saloons.

I have got a nickname it is Maddog.  It is Maddog because when I was little and started racing I had a name that my Mum chose then when I got a game on our playstation there was a name that I really liked. The name was Maddog.  Ever since we had that game it has been my name.  

My family and I have been traveling to meetings all over the North Island and we have had one trip down south.  We traveled to Nelson and all of us want to go for one more trip to the South Island.  The next big trip that our family wants to go on is to Christchurch.

In response to your question about stockcar racing becoming my career, I would like for it to become my career.  Sadly, racing RC stockcars does not earn you money.  Due to this, stockcars wouldn't make a good career but would make a fabulous hobby.

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