Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Holiday

Under 16 Stockcars
“Welcome to the New Zealand  Under 16 stockcar champs. Lets get this underway.” The first race starts in 5 minutes and I'm in it. I start getting my car ready. 5 minutes later my group goes to the track and starts to grid up. everyone is all pumped up and ready to race.3,2,1 GO!!. We  take off and go into the first corner and there is a big pile up. I'm stuck in the middle of it and there are cars all around me. The leader comes back round and all of the cars start to drive  away. I chase the leader a take him out in the next corner.
“ Damn I missed” I say.
I watch the leader of the race come back around and wait for the right moment to thrust my car into his car. I Start moving getting faster and faster he comes past and I take off slamming the trigger. The race leader goes into the corner. I Line him up and smash him into the wall. He rolls over and I was well timed I drive out from underneath his car start racing normally. The race finishes and I check what I came.

“Sixth! Really?” I say  

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