Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Wolf In The Wardrobe

The author of this book is Susan Broker.I rate this book 4 out of five stars. The wolf in the wardrobe is a book for someone that likes mystery and adventure. I think you should read this book, I really liked it and some of our class wanted to know if there was another.

The wolf in the wardrobe is about a boy named Finn. Finn finds a wolf that escaped from a circus. The wolf was named Lupa and a crazy clown called cackles was trying to find Lupa and Finn. The clown was looking for them because Lupa a collar that was worth $250,000.

The main characters where Finn,Lupa, Cackles, Finns mum, Finns nanna, Finns dad, Pam, Andy and Dr Shapiro . Finns Friend was Andy. Andy was the first person to find out that Lupa was a wolf. Finns nanna had alzheimers and was hiding valuable thing around the house. Finns mum was her caregiver and looked after her all the time. Pam was Finns dads girlfriend. Pam and his Dad lived on a farm. Susan has also written Restless spirit, Saving Sam, Dreams Of Warriors and Anzac Horses.



  1. Cool Rhys!
    That was very good it makes me want to read more. I wish.

  2. Fantastic!
    I think you made the perfect paragraphs!
    You need to work on your punctuation!