Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why You Should Go To Alaska

I think you should go to Alaska instead of New Zealand because they have more wildlife. They have things that New Zealand doesn’t and there are more places to travel. Alaska more wildlife, magnificent scenery and is much bigger.

In Alaska there is an abundance of wildlife.  There are Black Bears, Brown Bears and Polar Bears.  They also have Bald Eagles. The Bald Eagle is a bird. It is prey found in North America.  Willow Ptarmigan and many more. Alaska has over 430 species of animals. It is also known as the Willow Grouse. There are Deer, Moose and Caribou are also common in Alaska.A deer is like a reindeer but with big antlers. A moose is the same but with even bigger antlers. Alaska has Bats, Beavers, Bisons and Coyotes. You can see these animals at zoos and wildlife parks.

Alaska has activities and scenery that New Zealand doesn’t. They have the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are colorful waves in the sky. They can be red, purple and green . The northern lights come to Alaska every Sled dog racing is an alaskan sport. They race in sleds and get pulled by a pack of 16 dogs. There is a water park called H20asis it is the biggest water park in the U.S.A.  It has a 505 ft water slide and much more.   It is in Anchorage, Alaska. The H20asis has a 575 ft lazy river as well. If you like Pizza then  Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria in Anchorage.

Alaska is 1,717,854 km² that is about seven to six times the size of New Zealand. Alaska has over 148 towns and cities. In Alaska there was a population of 621,400 in 1998. In some towns and cities people called Inuits. Inuits live in igloos. Igloos are domes made from ice and snow.  Alaska is so big that it is bigger than France,  Italy,  Spain and England combined. If you go to Anchorage you can go to the zoo. There is also a museum in Anchorage. Anchorage has a population of 298,610 and  it covers 1,704.7 km² of Alaskas 1,717,854 km².

I hope this has made you decide where you are going this holidays.If you go to Alaska you have 148 places to travel and heaps of sightseeing places. If you are taking kids than it is also the place to go there are Zoos and museums. Alaska has all different species from feathery to furry.

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  1. Awesome Rhys looks like you have put allot of time and effect into this.Also not only is it saying why we should go to Alaska there are heaps of interesting facts about it now it makes me want to go to Alaska.i can see that you have done allot of research and that you are really good at it well done keep up the awesome work
    from Regan