Monday, 4 November 2013

The Hair Dryer and the ping pong

Today we did an experiment with a hair dryer, three ping pong balls and power.

Step 1: Get one of the ping pong balls and put it on top of the hair dryer then turn the hair dryer on.

Step 2: Observe and hold the hair dryer steady.

Step 3: If you master the experiment then try putting two balls on the hair dryer and try to balance them.

This experiment worked because the force from the hair dryer was pushing the ball up and meeting the force from the gravity and keeping the ball in the between both forces.
Another reason why is because the forces are meeting and the hair dryer force is also going around the ball keeping it in line.

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  1. Nice Rhys!
    It sounds really cool. I thought it was weird? What about you?